Do You Need a Lawyer?

A question I am often asked is “Do I really need a Lawyer?” Let me share with you a recent case and you be the judge and decide if you would want a lawyer on your side if this happened to someone in your family.

A 19 year old ambulance driver was transporting a woman from her nursing home to a routine medical appointment. The woman was in a nursing home after a back injury and was recovering there. The driver of the ambulance was using a portable GPS unit and had it sitting on his lap while he was trying to navigate and drive. While doing this he missed a corner and hit a tree.

The woman was thrown from her gurney because she wasn’t properly strapped in. The impact after being ejected from the gurney caused enough injury that she died shortly after the accident. When someone is killed unnecessarily due to events that could have been prevented as happened here, this is generally called “wrongful death”.

During a difficult time after the loss of a family member, do you want to be fighting an ambulance company and their insurance? Think of it. You lose a family member, the bills are still there and all of the hassles of life and yet you don’t ever get to see your family member again. This is called loss of care, comfort and society.

This is a real case that Nicholas Mastrangelo, Edward Mastrangelo and the entire staff of the Mastrangelo law offices were proud to be able to help the family with. So now I ask you, “Do you really need a Lawyer?” I bet your answer is yes. With the help of the Mastrangelo Law Offices, the case settled out of court for $812,000.

If you want a Lawyer on your side with more than 25 years of experience in the Bay Area, call us at 925-258-0500, consultations are always free, if we can’t help you, you don’t pay.


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