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TruSpeed Motorsports Porsche Race Cars
Two Cars that will be at Buttonwillow Raceway Park for Track Day

Do you own a sports car like a Porsche or Ferrari? In Southern California, a lot of people do.  The funny thing to me is watching a really nice Porsche GT2 or Ferrari F430 stuck in traffic like the rest of us.  The extra power might help in the merge, but the drivers  aren’t really enjoying their machines to the maximum on the street.

Every sports car driver has at one time or another wanted to see what their cars can really do.  Recently a famous NASCAR driver was popped for breaking 100MPH on his home street in a new Nissan GT-R.  Not the greatest way to enjoy the car either.

The good news is many race tracks have open track time where owners of Porsches, Ferraris, and other high performance cars can show up with a helmet, sign a waiver  and hit the track.  While it might be fun, all you really end up doing is driving fast and wasting tires.  You still need to learn how to find the right apex, how to enter a turn and then how to exit the turn to get the most from your car.  Take it from me, if you really push the car and yourself it is a lot of fun.  The other thing about open track time is the expense.  Going it on your own can get quite expensive.

Another option is to sign up for an “experience” where you go out on the track with an instructor.  These are fun to do but usually you have to drive their car.  Even at some of the big name schools you have to drive their cars.

So what is the sports car owner to do?  Well if you live in Southern California, you are in luck.  One of the top teams in the Pirelli challenge series is also part of a sports car service center.   If you own a sports car, twice a year you can hit the track and get coaching from some of racings top drivers and their coaches.  Racing mechanics will be out there to go over the finer points of your car and help you be prepared to take it to the limit.

Having your own sports car out on the track, with coaching from the best drivers is something every sports car owner should do.  Because these are group events you get a better rate on track time and instruction on your driving and your car.  Track days like this are a great way to enhance your sports car owner ship experience.

TruSpeed Motorsports is hosting a track day July20-21st at Buttonwillow Raceway Park.  Don’t miss your chance to learn from the pros and get more fun time behind the wheel.  Call Tyler at 714-656-2411 for more information.

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