The Economics Of Driving An Electric Car


Home Electricity, Night Charging Plan .12/KwH

Meter Reads 15 KwH for a full charge, car says 13KwH
.12×15=$1.80 for a full charge at home, 38 miles of range.

Mid Peak Charge at Home is .22/KwH
.22×15=$3.30 for a full charge 6pm-11:59PM

Blink Electricity, Any Blink Station, .49/KwH
.49×15=$7.35 for a full charge at Blink, 38 miles of range.

NRG L2 Charging, No Monthly Plan. A Volt Charges at 3.3KwH/Hour
$1.50/Hr X 3.5 Hours to Full Charge = $5.25 38 Miles of Range.

NRG on $5.95/month plan
$1.00/Hr X 3.5 Hours to Full Charge = $3.50 for 38 miles.

Gasoline – Costco – $3.35/gal premium, about 38 miles.

So the cost to drive 38 miles is:

$7.35 with Blink Electrons
$5.25 with NRG eVGo No plan Electrons
$3.50 with NRG eVGo Plan Electrons ($5.95 for the privilege of better parking space maybe)
$3.35 with Costco Premium (about .40 of that is tax)
$3.30 with SCE Off Peak Charging
$1.80 with SCE Night Auto Charge Plan.

Can anyone at Blink or NRG explain how public chargers are a “good deal”? Blink Electricity is over twice the cost of gas to go the same distance. The State gets no revenue for gas tax adding to the possibility of in car monitors and mileage taxes because “electrics are getting a free ride”.

There has got to be a better way to deliver electricity at a better price Blink and NRG.

As a consumer, when I go shopping or out to eat, if South Coast Plaza, The Block at Orange or I an in LA and can make the Beverly Hills Public Parking garages, you bet that is where I am going.

Charge point is still the only charging stations I use in public, Why?
1. some are free
2. app to see if they are in use so I can find an open one.
3. others have discounted prices.

But some I avoid like downtown Seal Beach, It was 3.35/hour to charge. That is like $14.00 for 38 miles range. Basically the city council getting greedy.


Free Charging Plan - Who really pays?
Free Charging Plan – Who really pays?


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