Cyber Monday Deals? Anyone Find Any?

The Turkey is done, the ham is gone, the scale is scared and today is Cyber Monday.  So where are the “Great Deals”?

This season 4K TV prices started dropping like a hot rock, but then Best Buy dropped the bomb with a 50″ Panasonic 1080p TV for $189.00 on Black Friday.  Even if you only use it for a computer monitor, that is a lot of screen for less than two Benjamins.  But where is that deal or the even better one today?

Another surprise this year was Costco getting trounced by many stores on TV pricing.  Since the TV’s at Costco have slightly different model numbers it is hard to compare head to head but so far, the small to mid size chains like Paul’s, Howards and Fred Meyer have joined Best Buy in beating Costco pricing.  In some cases it isn’t even close.

At Beach Street News we get up early, go surfing online for deals and then head to the beach to surf the waves.

So far this morning surfing for deals was flat, we are hoping the 2-3 feet reported on Surfline proves to be true otherwise today is a bust.

Q-See had some pretty good deals if you are looking for home camera system.

Part of the Cyber Monday shortage may be the Longshoreman slowdown.  Anyone who visited Long Beach, Catalina, Seal Beach or Huntington Beach couldn’t miss the line of cargo ships waiting to offload at the port.  If you see “Out of Stock Online” that might be why.

Happy Surfing.


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