The Dick Tracy Watch Is Finally Here! A Cell Phone In A Watch!

Cellular Watches are finally here.  The real question is “Are they ready for the real world”.  Our friends over at CoolToys.TV tested over a dozen of them, and decided to take it up a notch.  Click here to see the video.

A smart watch just wasn’t enough.  They wanted a watch that had it’s own number and a cell phone built in.  After looking at all the capabilities of a dozen watches one rose to the top.

Key tests

BlueTooth quality with a headset

BlueTooth quality with a factory in car system.  Tested with a Jeep UConnect and Chevy Volt Onstar system.

Signal strength.


Water resistance, yup they took them out surfing.

If you don’t want to watch the video and just see what happened…. Ok here are the results

The highlights of the tests go something like this…

1st Place – SoCoole

Lasted the longest in the water of any watch we tested.

2nd Place – iMacwear M7

Best Looking watch by far, large screen, but only good for hand washing and splashing, no submerged water activities.

3rd Place – Indigi – NOT WATER RESISTANT

Lightweight, looks great, good battery life and good cellular reception.

Editors Note:  Since these Tests, Apple and Samsung have both launched way better products and five to ten times the price.

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