Because We All Need A Little Time To Chill
Sunday February 23rd 2020



Blue Bird Days at Northstar Lake Tahoe

It’s about time we got a good dose of sun! Don’t get me wrong, I love the snow, but I do appreciate the sun when it comes out. There is nothing like a freshly cut pipe and a sky as blue as can be! This is what Northstar Resort is all about, struggling to keep that goggle tan at bay. Although the jump line in Pinball may be closed, it gives us all a chance to do some exploring on the mountain.

Props to you if you know where this (picture below) all natural spot is! Here’s a hint, it’s not in the stash. Anyway get out there and enjoy the amazing weather and fantastic conditions!

-Cory “Snow Reporter” at Northstar

Great Stash at NorthStar

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