At Beach Street News, we get cars.  SoCal is the epicenter of the car culture and we are right in it.  We are always looking for the cars and rides that make our days on Beach Street better. It might be a super mileage TDI or Hybrid, or it might be a classic rag top or the new KuhlToys Jeep JL. If we drive it and like it we’ll tell you about it. If you drive it and like it, tell us about it.

What is the Best EV or PHEV Electric Hybrid Car?

Just as I was about to pull the trigger on the Fusion, Nissan announces a $10,000 reduction in the price of a Leaf. This made the lease of a 2013 Leaf just $199 a month plus tax. Here in Orange County CA, that is about $225 a month in real dollars. About half what I was spending in gasoline for my truck. Economically for me the Leaf was a free car. I would save money if I leased a Leaf and parked my truck.

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