Have You Picked Up Your FREE Car?

Did you even know there was a way you could get a free car?  I didn’t, until I did that is.

Would you like to know how?

Like many things, the answer is simple, but not easy.

Currently auto companies are under legal mandates to sell a number of zero emissions cars.  Electric and Natural Gas are the two energy sources that fit this bill in California.  There is also a mandate on Electric car sales.

Tesla, as a 100% electric car manufacturer, isn’t making money selling cars, rather they are about to announce a profit because they sell electric car credits to manufacturers who don’t yet make electric cars or who don’t sell enough on their own.

So how does this help you get a free car?

Chevy needs to sell Volts.  Honda needs to sell electric Fits, and Nissan needs to sell the Leaf.  For whatever reason people aren’t buying so rebates are flowing.

With the rebates you can lease a base model of any of these cars for $0 down and $299 a month for 36 months.  That is a total of $10,764 to drive the car for three years.  If you have the income, Uncle Sam will give you a $7500 tax credit.  This is how the rich get richer, free cars.  If you dont’ make enough money, the tax credit is useless.

That leaves $3264 out of your pocket over 36 months.  The state of California will rebate $1500 if you are lucky enough to live here, and you can get another $1500 to add a charger to your house.  Now you are down to $264 plus the charger.

Honda is now including the charger, and the dealer kicked back the $264 to make the deal work when I picked up my Volt.

There you have it, a car for three years that doesn’t cost me anything.

BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE!  Charging at home the Volt runs about $2.00 for 40 miles, half the price of gasoline if you get the 38-40 mpg most are getting when they run gas.  My record is 60 mpg on gas with my average about 45.  My monthly savings on “energy”, that is my new combined gas and electric bill, compared to my old gas bill are $300 a month less than they were before I got the Volt.

I have had the Volt for three months, and put 3003 miles on it using less than 20 gallons of gas.

 My Volt is money in my pocket.  What are you driving?

I am thinking of getting a Free Honda Fit too

Chevy Volt
A Free Car?

until I can afford to pay for a Tesla.


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