At Beach Street News, we get cars.  SoCal is the epicenter of the car culture and we are right in it.  We are always looking for the cars and rides that make our days on Beach Street better. It might be a super mileage TDI or Hybrid, or it might be a classic rag top or the new KuhlToys Jeep JL. If we drive it and like it we’ll tell you about it. If you drive it and like it, tell us about it.

Ferrari California or Aston Martin Vantage?

In one dealership there was a water leak dripping on the aluminum hood. As a guy who designs acoustically treated rooms, the sound of the water was music to my ears. The solid plump, plump, plump instead of ding, ding ding, let me know the aluminum had been treated with a sound deadener. If I am going to spend this kind of bank on the car, it can’t be louder than my cell phone call unless my foot is buried in the loud pedal.

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