Arrive and Drive, Racing For Really Busy People

Racing for Executives who have no time to play with cars.

One of the great things about running a racing team that participates in a race for $500 cars, is all the really cool people I get to meet at each race.  Jay Lamm, the “Chief Perpetrator” of the 24 Hours of LeMons series always provides some good entertainment too.  Unlike an airline safety briefing that can put you to sleep if you haven’t finished your third can of Monster, Jay is very quick on his feet and keeps you laughing while never letting you forget that safety is paramount.

Last season I met several people that were executives, business owners or otherwise 80 hour work week high strung people.  At the track, they all became drivers.  It didn’t matter if you were a Doctor, CEO, OSHA inspector or mechanic, at the track, the titles go away and you become a member of a very elite group of people.  So how do these people find the time to race?  When I found out most of them also raced a “real car” of some kind it was even more perplexing.

How does the CEO of a national medical services company race a “Cup Car” and a LeMons “Crap Can”?  Where does he find the time?  Finally I just asked one of these guys if he could name his kids.  He laughed and said, “Yes they are ah well er….” and kept laughing as he told me “You need to keep it very simple, I know that I work and make great money for what I do.  I would love to just work on cars all day but that isn’t what I do best.  I am better equipped to run my company than fix a race car.  These guys are better equipped to keep a car running than a company.  Here I just show up and drive.”

Arrive and Drive Services

It turns out the term for this in racing circles is “arrive and drive” according to Dave Cohen at TruSpeed Motorcars in Costa Mesa, CA.  TruSpeed Motorcars offers several different levels of “arrive and drive” services for those high stress, high achiever types.  They also have programs for regular folks that just want to drive.  I thought what a great idea.  I wonder if it would work for our Rust Bucket racing team.  If you want to drive a crap can in Houston this fall, look us up at  If you want to drive real cars, check out TruSpeeds Racing Links.

The level of focus required to be on a track pushing the car and the human body to its limits offers a great distraction for these high rollers that have to live and breath their work when out in the public.  Paul Newman became well known as a race car driver in his later years, and at last check was the oldest member of a winning team at the 24 Hours of Daytona.  Mr. Newman was 71 at the time.

Clearing The Mind On The Track

The human mind works in funny ways.  How many times have you struggled with a problem only to have it pop in your head while you were pumping gas or looking or chips in the cupboard?  By getting the mind to so effectively focus on the track, you can actually free up the back of the mind to work out other problems.  The percentage of highly successful people that have intense hobbies is very high.  Remember President George H. Bush going parachuting on his birthday?

Another Charity Team, money for educational supplies
Can You imagine your CEO driving this?

If your boss or CEO is heading out the track to drive in a race and spends big bucks to drive a Porsche or medium bucks to drive a rusted out Chevy Cavalier, don’t think “How can we afford it?” think, “What problem will he solve?”.

Racing for Stress Relief

Everyone who works 60 plus hours a week is stressed.  I love everything I do, and boy do I need something to break the stress.  When I sold my Harley-Davidson, my wife said my attitude was going down hill quick.  Starting up the racing team has become a great stress reliever for me.  My wife tells me my “Cheshire Cat Grin” is back.

Since we only race our car twice a year there is still a little to much gap between events.  I will probably buy another Harley or a Jetski or something like that, or maybe I’ll just race more.  We all need to find a way to relieve stress and solve our problems.  Racing is a great way to do it and “arrive and drive” programs make it practical no matter how many hours you work.  No car to store or maintain, just show up and go.  Isn’t life great?

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