The Age Of Deception – Worth Your Time to Read?

Are you living in the Age of Deception?  Government finance is a mystery to just about everyone, and according to Author James Dale Davidson, it’s worse than you think. Mr. Davidson says that the United States is beyond bankrupt and lays out the numbers to show you how the politicians got us there.

The Age of Deception outlines how the US Government bureaucracy is working to grow itself at your expense, while changing the rules about how it says the economy is doing.  During eight years under the Obama administration just over 11 million new jobs hit the payroll according to an article in the Business Insider while nearly 8 million people immigrated into the US.  According to the US Census Bureau the US population grew nearly 20 million at the same time.

At the end of the day, the percentage of people without jobs is growing, not shrinking, but is there anything you can do?

There is an underlying tone to the Mr. Davidsons theory that Capital is a fixed figure, when one market goes down, others go up. This is where we don’t agree. If the prices of stocks drop like black Monday, real estate doesn’t suddenly skyrocket to keep the balance sheets equal.

While I agree capital moves in waves from one market to another, the exact size of the wave changes as the market reacts before it can actually move the capital.  Is that a reason to ignore this book?  No.

Another theme throughout The Age of Deception, presented by Mr. Davidson is the importance of using energy consumption to gauge an economy. Never does he discuss that factors of efficiency can increase output without increasing energy consumption. How do you measure the Energy usage of a farm that goes off grid with Photo Voltaic systems, or the decreased fuel usage of the average automobile, truck, train or plane?

The place where Mr. Davidson nails it is job creation and interference by the government.

Apps like Über help people find ways around the government payroll systems, taxi license requirements and other government restrictions.  The irony is that for all of the protesting by the “Occupy” movement and similar groups, these apps funnel most of the profits to a few people who are becoming very wealthy.

If you want to know why our government can’t stop growing, or want to know what lies in your future as a citizen in the United States, this is a great read. If you can look past the doom and gloom that is.  Looking through the doom and gloom you can gain a lot of knowledge that will help you prepare for the future. If you believe the US government can just keep printing money forever that is.

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