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Is There A Zoom Alternative For A Virtual Audience?

Finding a Zoom Alternative for a virtual audience hasn’t been easy until now.

Performers need to have a connection to the fans. It doesn’t matter if it is a six year old little-leaguer getting cheered on by Grandma, a musician on stage or the preacher at the pulpit. They all need to know that what they are doing is connecting with the viewers. Zoom, MS Teams, skype meet now, GoToMeeting and other like systems all offer two way video links from a host to an audience.

The problem for performers is that they aren’t there to have a conversation with the audience. Shows, and religious gatherings aren’t the same as a classroom or a meeting. The person up front normally has a plan. When a talk show host, musician or preacher gets in front of people, they want to convey a message, not have a conversation. The feedback from the audience is critical to the performer so they know if the message is making a connection with the listener.

No Fans Equals No Feedback

Late Night host Steven Cobert said that he couldn’t wait to hear fans laugh again during one of his commercials. CoolToys TV host Scott had the same opinion. How did either of them know if their message was being heard if they can’t hear from the audience. At first Scott tired Zoom, but the fans did all kinds of crazy things trying to steal the show. The message was lost. Next was a LiveStream with a Q&A window and Chat window. Trying to keep up with the chat windows became distracting to the show.

“I realized I needed a way to hear what the audience response was without having to read it or letting them hijack the show.” Scott said. From that epiphany he began working on a solution. A zoom alternative that would allow him to hear from the fans without being distracted by them. A way to make sure the message was connecting without losing the show that was delivering the message.

The Virtual Audience System

The zoom alternative he created was Fan2Stage. He built the app as a “bolt on” that would work with any live streaming application, including zoom. The advantage was obvious from day one, but the applications weren’t according to Scott. He said that while he was approaching live streamed talk shows, he ended up meeting a little league dad that realized the value to his kids team. He could cheer from anywhere if he donated a $200 tablet that the team could plug into the PA. As he watched on the webcam he could cheer his son on with the app.

If you have a live event that could use feedback from a live and yet virtual or remote audience, maybe Fan2Stage is the alternative you are looking for.

Fan2Stage Ltd is a Nevada based software company that focuses on keeping live shows live and making them better. For more information go to Fan2Stage.com

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