Why Quality Design is Critical

Design is often sacrificed in marketing materials in an effort to convey more information or make certain information stand out. But pieces that lack attention to design will also appear amateur and don’t achieve the intended result.


Marketing materials, including brochures, websites, e-newsletters, social media pages, postcards, and other collateral, communicate who you are to your customers and partners. If the design is haphazard and low quality, your customers are likely to think the same of your business. However, if your materials have a quality look and feel that is consistent with your company’s brand, your clients are more likely to see you as a professional who offers a quality service or product.


Consistency in your materials may seem counter to your creative instincts, but uniformity conveys you are organized and professional. A consistent brand is key to gaining recognition, as well as keeping and maintaining consumer trust.


Think of spam emails you’ve received or when you accidentally typed in the wrong website address and landed on that suspicious landing page. Or think of direct mail items you’ve received telling you that you’ve won $500,000. Scams exist both on and offline, and if your design lacks professionalism you run the risk of being lumped into that group.


More information does not mean more value. Concise copy allows for a cleaner, more professional design. In your marketing materials, you want to pare down your copy to the most important points you want to convey. In addition, you want your copy to be legible. Using excessive capitalization, bright colors such as red or orange or highlighting in your text will make it harder for your audience to comprehend your message.


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