Which Way Does The Toilet Paper Roll Go?

SchoolIt amazes me how many times I see the question “Which way does the toilet paper roll go” is posted online or in an advice column in the paper.  Recently I saw the first one ever that said the paper wraps around the bottom.  The columnist giving the advice clearly hasn’t been staying an any nice hotels, and hasn’t had any military or finishing training.  Maybe we should teach the little things like this in school.

I realize that finishing schools and manners are becoming a thing of the past, and even military training is changing its standards to reflect our “less formal” society.    Can you imagine your grandmother leaving the house in her pajamas and slippers to go shopping?  Walk in to any Wal-Mart and you’ll see it today.

I find it funny that people can’t seem to figure out which way the toilet paper roll goes.   Just stop in the Ritz or Four Seasons hotels and take a look.  Can’t find a Ritz, try Hyatt, Disney or any other two star or better hotel.  Anyone staying at Motel 6 tonight, let us know what you find please.

At the better hotels, the toilet paper always goes over the top with a little gold foil decal or some fancy fold finishing it off.  The same it true at Hyatt, and for fun I even asked the guy cleaning the mens room at the airport.  I said, “Sir I realize this might be an odd question, but which way does the toilet paper roll go, over the top or around the back to the bottom.”

His reply was perfect.  He said “It is sad that we now have toilet paper holders in [the airport bathrooms] that go sideways with little arrows because people don’t know any more that it should come over the top.”

I am going with the expert and ignoring the advice lady that says it goes around the back and out the bottom.

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