Wafflemat Building Foundations Celebrate 15 Years in Hawaii

No You can’t eat at Wafflemat in Hawaii, but it’s been there 15 years and you might be sitting on it when you eat.

IRVING, TEXAS, USA, September 24, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — With October just around the corner, the Wafflemat Foundation System has passed its 15th year in Hawaii. Introduced on Oahu in October of 2006, the first installation took place in Ewa Beach where Wafflemat’s monolithic ribbed slab design was chosen for its ability to compensate for common differential soil movement on the island. Since then, over 2,500 units of single-family, multi-family, and light commercials structures have used Wafflemat on not only Oahu, but also on the Maui and Kauai islands. 

“We’ve been involved with Wafflemat since 2006, and participated in installing close to 1,500 units across the islands. Our workers know the system well and like the ease of installation it offers” – Doug Ewart, Branch Manager at Harris Steel.

Robin Lim, P.E., President, of Geo Labs, noted: “From a geotechnical engineering perspective, Wafflemat works well in the expansive soils found in Hawaii, and especially the clays that are so prevalent in the Kapolei area of Oahu. We have been pleased with the performance it has delivered to the projects we have worked with it and look forward to its future as the footprint grows.” 

Doug Ewart, Branch Manager at Harris Steel, said: “Harris has been involved with the Wafflemat since it was first introduced in Hawaii in 2006, and has participated in installing close to 1,500 units across the Islands. Our workers know the system well, and definitely like the speed and ease of installation it offers.”

About Wafflemat

Wafflemat, a Smart Sense Structural Systems company, is a product that has been utilized in expansive, rocky, compressible, and collapsible soil conditions since 1993. The System reduces hard dollar material costs as well as the cycle time required to develop a foundation, and is used extensively in single family, multi-family, and light commercial structures. With over 25,000,000 square feet installed and not one reported structural failure, Wafflemat continues as one of the most trusted brands in the United States

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