TruSpeed Motorcars Closes In Costa Mesa

Costa Mesa, CA – TruSpeed Motorcars, one of Orange County’s Premier dealers of vintage and classic cars has closed.  After serving Orange County for over 5 years, Rob Morgan has decided to close the facility at 365A Clinton in Costa Mesa and return to his beginnings as a wholesale expert of vintage and classic air-cooled Porsche cars.

After being injured and having surgery on his foot, Owner and Founder Rob Morgan split TruSpeed into three distinct businesses.  Racing was sold to Tyler Tadevic of Soccii Racing and rebadged TruSpeed Autosport.  The TruSpeed Autosport team has continued its success even after having two of its cars damaged on the starting line of the same race in St. Petersburg Florida earlier this year.  Tyler Tadevic says he is looking forward to a good race at Long Beach Gran Prix as part of the Pirelli Challenge later this month.

While business was growing steadily on the service side, it wasn’t a business at the core of TruSpeed.  TruSpeed Service is completely gone.

TruSpeed Vintage and Classic Sales does live on just in a different format as a wholesale dealer and has moved to a new facility in South Orange County.

Porsche 356 TruSpeed Outlaw Coupe
The Outlaw Coupe, Classic looks, modern performance

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