The Heat Hits SoCal and SoCal Hits The Beach

Seal Beach, CA – You would think it was summer from the looks of the beach today.  Parking lots were filled to the brim and turn signals were flashing as motorists hoping to get their feet in the sand waited.  With inland temperatures breaking 90 and beach temperatures north of 80, the water at 61 degrees was a welcome relief for many.

Surfers also found a very solid day up and down the coast with very consistent 1-5 foot waves with great shape at just about every beach.  At Bolsa Chica State Beach Surfers were joined by pods of dolphins enjoying the surf with as many as four dolphins joining a wave at once.  Aerial activity was high too with several of the younger dolphins coming completely out of the water to celebrate the surf.

Seal Beach, Huntington Beach and Newport Beach all had one problem.  Parking.  Cars were stuffed everywhere and the local police volunteers were quickly citing the “creative” parking jobs.

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