The Fastest Healthy Pancakes Yet, Five Minutes Start to Eat

As much time as I spend writing and blogging, it is always nice to find out someone actually read something I wrote. Even if they send negative comments.  The negative comments at least means they are interested, and cared enough to complain.  The worst thing for a writer or a business to hear is nothing.  How do you improve upon nothing?

Some time ago I posted a recipe for pancakes that I called “Settlers Pancakes” because the recipe was all stone ground whole grains.  At first most people find them heavy and once they get used to them, there is no going back to a fluffy white sugar cake for breakfast.  Someone with the initials J.M. sent me a comment on one of the sites that simply said “Who are you kidding?  Who has that kind of time?”.

One aspect of a successful life is the ability to control your time, therefore if this kind of thing (eating healthier) is important, then the time will be there.  Since most people aren’t there yet, I started digging for J.M. to find a faster way.  I can now say I found it.

Coach's Oats Pancakes
Multi Grain Pancakes, All Natural

Coach’s Oats is a prepackaged pancake mix that takes under 5 minutes to have ready.  I have timed myself several times and my worst is 10 minutes.  Coach’s Oats are all natural and made with whole grains.  According to the label, one serving has 24% of your daily fiber and only 14% of your daily carbs (before syrup and fruit that is).  For a grain based product those are some good numbers.

The quick method is easy, if you have a griddle, start it to get it warming.

Add mix water and egg, stir then let sit for 2-3 minutes while you get the plates, forks butter and syrup out.  If you are using a pan, now is the time to get it warming too.

A quick shot of olive oil cooking spray and you are ready to cook.  After about a minute and a half the bubbles will start staying open at the top and you can flip the pancakes.  About a minute and half later, the pancakes are ready to eat.

You may have to adjust the recipe quantity, since the batter doesn’t sit well in the fridge overnight.  It gets pretty thick making day two a little tougher.  I use half the recommended amount for my wife and I, then only use the egg white instead of the whole egg.

I like to add small organic blueberries and crushed frozen rasberries to mine.  For my wife and nephew I also drizzle a line of hershey’s syrup to add some chocolate flavor.  That is why my worst time is 10 minutes, I spend too much time making the drizzle art before I flip the cakes and have a mess to clean up.  The chocolate does make the kitchen smell good.

According to the label, Coach’s Oats was developed by Lynn Rogers, a former womens gymnastics coach at CSU Fullerton.  A real coach making real food, now that’s cool.


  1. Well, what a treat to stumble across this article today! It’s always so great to hear from fans, and seeing how our product is enjoyed by so many. Thanks for sharing how you prepare the pancakes, that’s a great tip that I can now share with other customers 🙂

    * A personal favorite by most of the team here is eating the pancakes cold! They make such a good snack if you ever make too many. Just pop them in the fridge and they are great a little later!

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