Is Texting and Driving Distracted Driving?

Distracted Driving is everywhere.

The increase in accidents due to distracted driving is happening faster than safety engineers can stop your car. New cars like the CoolToys Jeep JLU Wrangler have forward collision auto braking. It isn’t a reason to drive distracted but it can help if someone runs out in front of you unexpectedly.

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With the perfect weather here at the BeachStreetNews offices in Southern California this week, Sunday was the day for a “Sunday Drive”. While out of that drive in search of a milkshake and a view, we stopped at Ruby’s famous Shake Shack. In a four mile section of the Pacific Coast Highway, we spotted five rear end accidents. Clearly people weren’t paying attention to the cars in front of them.

Texting and driving is just one way to be distracted. Applying makeup, kids, fancy electronic bill boards and other drivers can all be distracting. Texting is a little different because of how much we think about the text we read or send. Screaming kids might be a similar problem. Texting has made distracted driving the fasted growing cause of accidents according to recent studies.

Distracted Driving
Are You Distracted Driving?

Nick Mastrangelo of the Mastrangelo Law Offices handles dozens of distracted driving cases each year. He says that the best thing that you can do to prevent an accident is to be paying attention but even then you can’t stop 100% of the other drivers.

He tells us that if you are sitting at a red light or in traffic and are hit from behind by a distracted driver, you might be injured more than you know. Soft tissue damage may not show up for a day or two. If you feel pain you should probably seek medical attention.

Do yourself a favor and everyone around you, pay attention to the road, and leave the text for later.

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