Success on the Beach – EP 1.01 – Speeding Kills Time

Success on The Beach

– A Video Series Hosted by Scott Bourquin, Actor, Best Selling Author©, Entrepreneur and Pilot. Success on the Beach gives you tips and tricks to help you recognize and overcome roadblocks to your success. Each episode covers a specific event and how it can be seen and avoided in the future. This episode is about speeding and how it can be a time killer that you can recognize and overcome. Scott Bourquin has been featured in the Book Success Today with Brian Tracy, and has written several of his own “Easy Guides” available at

In this episode Scott shows you how he recently got caught speeding and ended up killing several hours of precious time. Time and space are the only true luxury’s that we get so treating every minute with the respect it deserves can make a huge difference in your life and speed you down your personal road to success. For Scott his road ends at the beach but where will your road take you?


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