So you want cheap talk time?

Cost Cutting is on every business owners mind.  Technology is helping to reduce communications costs greatly.  It has been said that an in person meeting is the best way to negotiate.  With the high cost of fuel, video conferencing is becoming a bargain.  Low bandwidth desktop video confernecing from skype is a free download with a $99 camera.  Toss in an hour of the IT guy time and you are still under $300 for good quality audio and video.
The next step is Polycom PVX.  The PVX uses proprietary compression and point to point networking for improved callquality.  Our testing has indicated there are some issues with NAT tables so unless your company has dedicated IP address for every desktop, PVX may take some work.
Logitech Cameras That we use
The easy camera for desktop video conferencing.

A Logitech USB camera like this could be your start down the road of video conferenceing. Click for pricing.

In addition to video conferencing, Skype now has $2.99 a month US and Canada unlimited long distance available.   According to Scott Bourquin of VoSky reseller Rustic Creek, up to 8 lines can be assigned to a single server.  In a small office practice with four lines, a single DSL used for fax or main number to publish in the yellow pages and 4 skype lines for outbound dialing and recieving rollover calls can reduce a monthly phone bill 60-70% and reduce long distance by 90%.

If you don’t think VoIP sound quality is good enough for you, give it a try at 281-361-7900 or Rustic.Creek on Skype.  They have been all VoIP for 5 years.

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