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Sarai Korpacz New Single – Hiding Place

Sarai Korpacz new single, hiding place will release on July 4th, which is her birthday.

NEW YORK, NY, US, June 29, 2020 / — The New York-based Christian singer and songwriter, Sarai Korpacz will soon release a new gospel single on her birthday on the 4th of July. This comes only one year after she released her debut album, It’s Time To Praise The Lord in July 2019. Korpacz has now become a voice of hope, and an inspiration for people during times of adversity.

The artist currently lives with her husband and their two children in New York. Her latest single will be a melodic enchantment of hope and finding strength in the Lord during challenging times. After her injury in 2018, the artist found hope in gospel music thus bringing her closer in her relationship with God. “Everything happens for a reason, how we react can determine our destiny” shares Korpacz. 

The talented gospel artist found inspiration in Christian music, giving her the strength to push through challenging times. Two years later, and pain-free, she has been sharing her musical talents with thousands of listeners around the world through various social media platforms. Her positive music brings a clear message, worshipping God in spirit and truth.

Her strong and passionate relationship with God was already well-established when Korpacz was only six-years-old. Today, a dual citizen of Nigeria and the U.S. with a Masters in American Business Law from New York Law School, she has shifted her focus from the corporate world to give people inspiration and hope.

“Hiding Place will share a story, a feeling and an emotion of the renewed awakening one can have with the Christian faith. In my years, I’ve always made my faith my top priority, my music is a reflection of that, but incorporated in a way for everyone to enjoy it,” tells the artist.

A snippet of ‘Hiding Place’ which can be found on her website is a delightful connection between the listener and God. Korpacz uses her talents to not only tell people but show them that during challenging times, one can always find hope in God. As the global pandemic has left millions with uncertainty, stories such as that of Korpacz will show many that there is a way forward during dismal times. 

Korpacz is a true embodiment of gospel talent, her soft melodies, cheerful music, and upbeat enthusiasm can easily fill the room with positive energy. American gospel music has always been a popular genre for millions of listeners, and in recent times, the genre has seen an up-rise in younger and more dynamic talent. Until now, there has been a long list of extremely talented singers and songwriters who’ve laid the foundation for the contemporary music scene in America.

“Whatever it may be that happens in your life, everything has an explanation. The Lord has a plan for everything in our lives. The injury in 2018 made it possible for me to realize that without faith and guidance any challenge in my life will become tiresome. I’ve instilled trust, and hope in everything I do into the Lord, and my music is only a small portion of what I want to share with the world,” she concludes.

Artists such as Israel Houghton, Marvin Sapp, Yolanda Adams, and world-famous singer Mahalia Jackson paved a road with years of success but making it possible for any person to build a deeper connection with their faith through music. Korpacz is a talented spirit that plays on the backdrop of years’ worth of compassion and conviction, entrusting her faith to become the leading force in her family’s life.

Her album, It’s Time To Praise The Lord is currently available on her website, or can be downloaded from CD Baby and their partner sites which include Apple music, Spotify, Tik Tok and Google Music Stores. Be sure to take a listen to Hiding Place, as it releases this July on Apple iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube.

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