Safari Hijacked? Call 877-210-2763 is a SCAM. Free Fix Here!

Safari Browser Hijacking, when a scam-bag gets you to click a link that lets them insert a new start up page for Safari and then sends a pop up that says You have a virus and need to call a number like 877-210-2763.  When it happened, “Say What?” is all I could think for about 10 seconds.  For the first time in over 20 years, I got scammed.  I got a message from someone I trusted, and it looked like a simple link to an audio file.  Since he is a musician and just had a new video come out, I was hoping for something cool.

While I respect the coders skill that wrote this, I hope his hard drive gets wet.

My general rule is never open any link or attachment unless you know exactly what website it it coming from.  This one looked like it was “What’s App”, something I don’t use, so I bit.

The next thing I know, my screen is giving me an 877-210-2763 to call.   I realized it was a scam site so I tried to go to preferences and change the default page.  That is all most scam sites ever do.  This one was different, it locked out my preferences and several other menu’s.  This was new.

Normally the Control-Command-Esc three finger salute brings up the “force quit” window so you can restart your browser and erase the link to the scam-bags website.  Not this time.

If you get a screen that looks like this and you are stuck, don’t despair, the fix is below.

Scam Safari Hijacking 877-210-2763








The fix isn’t that bad really, just a few steps, but it wasn’t easy to find this:

If Safari has been hijacked by some scamming (phasing site) then use this method:

In a Finder window, hold down the Option key while in the Go menu.

Go into the Library folder to the Saved Application State folder.

Find the folder named and delete the contents. 

Restart Safari. (close and re-open is fine, no need to restart the mac normally)

Go to Safari preferences to the Privacy tab.

Click on the Remove All Website Data button to remove cookies etc. 

Go to Safari / Reset Safari and reset.

That should get you back up and running.


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