Rockin Fig Surf Shop 🏄🏄🏄🏄🏄

A real surfers surf shop, a great board selection and all the basics you need to hit the pier and start shredding.  A Beach Street Favorite.  We have three boards in our quiver from this shop.  No other brand even has two.  The board in the picture is in the studio for CoolToys and Scott uses it regularly to surf his favorite spots.  One trick we use is versa surf traction.  We are testing another one in Hawaii that is a low profile stamped silicone that is a bit stickier than Versa Surf, but for now, this board from Rockin Fig is Scott’s favorite board.  We think that is why he brings it into the studio.  We hear he doesn’t like to share.

As you can barely see in the photo, Rockin Fig has a pretty sweet selection of styles from 5′ shredders to 10′ cruisers with all kinds of great art.  We got this picture from Kelly, from the day that Scott bought his first Fig.

Rockin Fig Website not so hot but they are surfers, not web geeks.

Maybe someday they’ll get the guys at to fix it.

316 Main Street
Huntington Beach, California


Surfboards, fins, leashes, wax, stickers, T-Shirts and more

Surf Shop Fun Board We Bought
Vintage Style Fig Fun Board from Rocking Fig Surf Shop

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