Italian Steak House – Old School Style

It is a little sad that I writing about an Classic Italian Steak House that was new while I was a kid. It has changed owners several times, but unlike the other Beach Street favorite, Harry’s Steakhouse in Huntington Beach, this classic lives on.

It’s been a while since we featured a restaurant in BSN, so we thought it was time. Instead of going to the new fancy places at Bella Terra or Pacific City, or reviewing HB’s first billion dollar company, BJ’s, we went old school.

The old school steak house I am talking about is Vittorios on Warner in Huntington Beach. Just over three miles from my morning surf break, it barely qualifies as being in the Beach Street Zone, but we are going to let this one slide.

Vittorios Italian Steak House Interior Huntington Beach

Vittorios is in the same shopping center as Beef Palace and Petco. With our spoiled dog, we spend a lot of time at Petco. Until now we just wondered if Vittorios was any good. The sign says “Vittorios Italian – Steaks and Seafood”, but we are calling it a classic west coast steak house. It may not have the selection of steaks like say a Ruths Chris or even a Black Angus, but the selections we tried were amazing.

Our general rule of restaurant evaluation is to order a beverage at the bar and see how the service starts. From there we use the restroom to wash for dinner and head to the dining room. At Vittorios we were surprised to know the bartender from another one of our regular spots. She had worked here before, left for a couple of years and returned.

Vittorios felt like we had been there before and Tiffany, made it feel like we were regulars. The house white was good, the red, meh, but they were out of what I wanted. Since we were in an Italian restaurant, Chianti was on the top of my list.

When the dinner arrived, the steak was fantastic. We chose the medallions so it would be easier to share, as well as the Vittorios Italian version of Chicken Cordon Bleu that I can’t spell. The chicken lived up to the standards of mom’s.

At the end the price wasn’t too bad. Probably because the rent is a little better in the strip mall than the new fancy shopping centers in Downtown Huntington Beach.

Vittorios gets the Beach Street News Stamp of approval.

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