New Mercedes AMG GT Fastback Caught!!!

Huntington Beach CA – January 14, 2014

At first when we got behind this camo cover beast we thought we might have stumbled on an update to the Porsche 928.  And then as we got along side, the 5 spoke wheels said, “It might be a new 928 but Porsche isn’t building this one”.  Then we moved to the nose and we knew we caught the new Mercedes fastback out on the road. The AMG – GT!

2015 or 2016 SLR
A New Mercedes Fastback?

Is this a Z-4 Killer? The new Mercedes Corvette killer? The Mercedes 928 or something all new that has a little of it all? We don’t know what it is, but it is about time that Mercedes Benz got back into the fastback game. Imagine the prowess of an SL or maybe even and SLR in a Fastback and add twin turbos amd you get this – the AMG GT.  We found it and got pictures to share with you. Mercedes fans, race fans, fastback fans and Z-4 fastback fans looking for something a little bigger, better, badder and faster, we might have found it!

This car has the style and panache of the original gullwing fastback.  Maybe, just maybe the new gullwing is next?  Let us know what you think.  If you aren’t sure it is a Mercedes-Benz, wait till the end and look at the nose.  That front end says “I am a new Mercedes and get the F*** outta my way poser”.

Take a look and tell us what you think!

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