March 1st, 2015 Orange County Home Show, Gem Show and…

This weekend the weather isn’t quite SoCal perfect, so you might be looking for something to do that isn’t at the beach. At the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa there is the old standby favorite, the OC Market Place. In addition there is the Spring Home and Garden Show, and the Gem Show. All with free parking if you go to the right spot.

The OC Marketplace is a large semi-permanent swap meet that has taken a little hit lately as the economy has picked up, people have started going back to paying store prices according to some vendors. Others say the the newer temporary swap meets like Golden West College in Huntington Beach are pulling people away.

The Spring Home and Garden show was the smallest I have ever seen. Several solar companies trying to get you to sign up for solar and a few contractors. The highlight was a free trial of Chobani Yogurts new flavors. This might me a bit telling on the construction and remodeling business, and even the solar. The recovering economy is keeping those contractors that survived the down turn quite busy. The solar business is either booming or slowing down and that is why so many solar companies where at the home show. They wouldn’t say. My bet is the market is finally getting saturated and installation prices are going to take a major downturn this year.

Finally the Gem Show. Our neighbors reported some great fun finds and came home with bags of beads, necklaces and bracelets. They immediately started cutting them all up and creating their own versions by mixing up everything. The report was the Gem Show was a hit.

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