Jon’s Restaurant Closes For Good?

Jon’s Restaurant Closes at Bolsa Chica and Heil in Huntington Beach.

After more years than I can remember, Jon’s Restaurant closes. They say that location is the key to success in real estate and restaurants. Jon’s sat at the corner of Heil and Bolsa Chica for so many years it had to be a good location. The eclectic nautical theme and turtle fountain separated it from all the other SoCal breakfast chains that came and went.

While Sambo’s, a slurry of IHOPS, Copper Penny’s and other restaurants came and went Jon’s was there. And now it isn’t. Word on the street is the family wanted to retire and the kids didn’t want the business.

Admittedly with Jon’s Restaurant closed, there aren’t too many other good options close by. Hot off the Griddle is usually pretty good but it’s basic. The Hawaiian place wasn’t as good as McDonalds in Hawaii and it too is gone. That pretty much leaves you with Carl’s Junior biscuits or a bit of a drive.

Jon's restaurant closes and Construction begins.  Will it be Divey?
Will the New Place be Divey?

So What is Happening At Jon’s?

There is clearly a construction crew going to town at Jon’s so I started looking into it. The owners of The Hangout in Seal Beach and Hangout Too in the same shopping center have acquired the Jon’s location. The bartenders at Hangout Too say that it will be moving to the old Jon’s location.

Not to alienate the old Jon’s clientele, Hangout Too has started serving breakfast. We haven’t tested the breakfast so if you have, please let us know how it is. With Hot of the Griddle just across the corner, Hangout Too will have to do a little better than slinging eggs and bacon.

What Happens to Hangout Too?

The other thing the bartenders told us is that Hangout Too will become a taco stand of sorts. It looks like the perfect size for that, and breakfast tacos on the patio could be a winner before or after a surf session at Anderson St.

We are looking forward to the updates to see how they go. The location is perfect since the locals mostly don’t want to deal with the crowds from the apartments at Bella Terra area restaurants, nor do they want to deal with the tourists in downtown Huntington Beach and Pacific City.

About the only place my surf tribe will put up with the crowds for breakfast is Sancho’s on PCH. If The Hangout Taco stand breakfast tacos are that good we may have a new spot.

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