Is The Government Shutdown Making a Difference?

The government shutdown doesn’t appear to have an end in sight, and neither side looks like they are in a hurry to settle.  And why should they be?  With the recent bill being passed, it looks like the “furloughed” employees will be getting paid.  You should be wondering if this is a test to see if taxpayers will revolt.  So far it appears we haven’t.

No business could ever survive playing this game, charging customers and not providing services so why do we let the government.  Oddly I think it really hasn’t affected enough of us.  We can still get to work, still go to the beach, Disneyland didn’t close, baseball is still on TV and Denver beat Dallas.

Have you been directly affected by the shutdown?  I can’t say I have, and I doubt anyone living on or near Beach Street has either.  As far as I can tell even my mail is still being delivered.

So is the Government Shutdown really making a difference?  I don’t think so.  The only thing that I see is how little the “shutdown” has impacted my life and how much we can obviously reduce spending without anyone knowing a reduction took place except the few that would need to find a new job.

At the center of the shutdown there are two issues, the debt ceiling and the healthcare bill.  Of course there will be dozens of “earmarks” that you and I will never hear about either.  I don’t care if you are for or against “Obamacare”, you should call or write your representative to end the stupidity of paying people to not work and saying they have “jobs”.  Instead at least furlough them and let them collect unemployment like regular people.  Better yet ask them to admit that we can do without a bunch of them, reduce the debt and help them find new work.

 Of course you should learn all about the healthcare bill and decide if you agree with it or not, and then write your letters and make your calls, don’t follow my opinion.  Is the debt ceiling important? Of course.  When the president was a Senator, he voted against raising the debt ceiling and called those who want to raise it “irresponsible”.  Today he has flipped to the other view.  I expect this though, he is a politician after all.  Our job is not to be fooled by the rhetoric.

The debt ceiling is plenty high, and we don’t need the health care bill to make it higher.  No business can survive this way, and so far in history, no government has made it either.  Someday this house of cards will crash. The question is when.  Not likely in the next three years, so President Obama,  knows he is safe whichever side he goes with.

This is the land of freedom and opportunity.  Do you want to keep paying for the rest of your life, and do you want your grandkids to keep paying?

The government shutdown is nothing more than political grandstanding on both sides.  Yes we need to address the debt ceiling, but paying people not to work isn’t fixing anything.

So do you believe the hype?

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