Huntington Beach CA – A Fireworks Free For All?

Huntington Beach Ca –

The Fourth of July started off with one of the best displays seen in the century old parade.  Televised for the first time on network TV, the City of Huntington Beach set a new benchmark.

Every year the city finishes the festivities with a fireworks show at the pier.  This year you would think the entire city was putting on a show.

Even though fireworks are illegal in the city of Huntington Beach you couldn’t see two blocks in any direction and not see fireworks.

There was a two year trial to allow fireworks that ended last year.  Instead it looked like the city became fireworks central.  There was no way that the Police department could even start to enforce  the law.  The city could have used it as a revenue source extraordinaire if they did.  It would make the West Hollywood Parking meters look like a joke when it came to the value of the tickets they could have written.

A proposal to make the fines stiffer failed after a couple of city councilman flipped.  Several outsiders are supporting the permanent removal of the fireworks ban.  TNT fireworks of course wants it gone as does a political blog written by a resent of Santa Ana.  As I always say, follow the money to find the truth.

What do the residents of Huntington Beach want is the real question.  Are the masses who were out with the fireworks the minority or the majority?  Are the vets happier selling more drugs for dogs? Or does unneeded stress of the dogs concern them?

If it goes to a ballot will enough people care? Even then, will it matter?  We’ll know next year I guess.

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