How To Market On Facebook For Free

Every business owner has some experience with marketing, some good some bad.  With the explosive growth of Facebook, small business entered a whole new world of marketing.  According to Scott Bourquin in the book How To Market On Facebook For Free, Facebook has opened up a world of marketing opportunity that  never existed.

According to the book, direct selling on Facebook doesn’t work and paying for ads that don’t sell anything sounds crazy doesn’t it?  Scott Bourquin is also a writer here at Beach Street News who works with clients to make sure they get the most bang for their marketing buck.  If you own a small business, and aren’t sure where to start you internet presence, how about Facebook?  With a Facebook account you can create a searchable website for free.  Marketing on Facebook doesn’t have to take hundreds of hours.  In just under two hours you can have a proper page on Facebook and start you online marketing without breaking the bank.

How To Market On Facebook For Free isn’t a big book.  It is a short simple book that is designed to cut right down the basic requirements of marketing with out wasting time on Facebook.  You can spend your entire day on Facebook and get nothing accomplished.  Bourquin gives you a step by step guide to correctly joining the social media phenomenon we know as Facebook.  This guide will get your business on Facebook and show you how to get the fans you want, not just get fans.

How To Market On Facebook For Free is available today in the amazon kindle marketplace.

How To Market On Facebook For Free

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