Not All Great Business Starts At The Beach

We found a great business when we just wanted a great cup.

As part of the #RWTH eco challenge number one, we decided to go shopping and find the best eco friendly re usable non plastic insulated hot or cold cup for our Cold Brew test. Diet Coke, Coffee and Tea cups were littering the offices and vehicles of the staff. There had to be a better way.

It wasn’t an easy challenge so we handed it across the hall to our caffeine driven brothers at CoolToys.TV. We asked them if there was a travel mug good enough to be a CoolToy. They didn’t have to go far to find the answer.

At Beach Street News, we would like to think all of the great businesses are like us. That is near the beach. Patagonia is famous for allowing employees to sneak out and run across the street for a swell. We like that attitude because making great clothes looks like work, so we don’t want to do it, and we want happy people doing it.

Finding a great product with a great corporate culture standing behind it is always a bonus. Simply put we feel that is the foundation for a great business. A place I might like to work. In the outdoor clothing world, we have always liked companies like Carve Australia and Patagonia because of their culture and forward thinking founders.

When the CoolToys crew walked in and returned with a reduce hot/cold tumbler, they said, “We already tested them all. The only reason we haven’t stamped approved on this is we can’t stamp them. Literally.”

reduce everyday 20 oz tumbler a great cup from a great business?
reduce 20 oz tumber, looking for a CoolToys Approved Stamp

One of our other websites is the #RWTH site, so it makes sense we are all taking the challenge here at BSN. Sadly they had to go with a lesser tumbler for their logo for now. I hear that corporate is trying to change that.

When we started looking into we liked their philosophy and their product. The more we looked the more we found that reduce was like the BG family. They encouraged employees to be a part of the community solutions, sponsoring events like a major river cleanup that collected 32 tons of trash.

Reduce Everyday has the makings of a great company culture and they aren’t at the beach. Who knew??

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