Gluten Free Living

Gluten Free living isn’t always easy.  Most people have some sort of Gluten “allergy” or “issue”.  For some it is folliculitis, for others it can be as bad as Celiac Disease.  Wheat has become a huge part of the american diet and along with that, gluten has become a big piece of the american diet.

Donuts, cake, cereal, hamburgers, hot dogs, you name it chances are good that it contains gluten.

Since we discovered that most people have some sort of intolerance when it comes to Gluten, we decided to test and seek out the best in Gluten Free.  On our YouTube Channel, we already tested Gluten Free Pizza Crusts and made a video, and found a pretty good one.  Since then we found an even better one and a new video is coming.

We will keep looking for great gluten free options, and if you have any please share them here.  We will test everything we can!

As far as chips or crackers go, we have to say that Miltons is the hands down winner.  All of our team members agree that MiltonsGlutenFreeSeaSaltMEDIUM and Goat Cheese is as good as any other cheese and crackers we have tried, Gluten Free or otherwise.

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