Alternate Car Expo 2012 – Free Electric Car and Alternative Fuel Test Drives!

Santa Monica, CA- September 28th 2012

Alt Car 2012 is on even though this weekend is Carmageddon II.  Even though this expo is about alternative cars, there is a booth for a solar company.  Randy Jackson of is here in the plug in booth to give you first hand information of living with and driving electric cars every day.

Right in the heart of Downtown Santa Monica in the Convention Center and parking lot just across from the DoubleTree on 4th St. The Expo is pretty convenient for many LA County residents even without the 405.  The parking lot is packed with cars to drive. Toyota is here with the new all electric RAV4 with drive and battery technology by Tesla.  Drive this one and get a free Solar charger for your mobile device too.

Ford is here with both a Focus Electric and a CMax Hybrid.  The giveaway, a pretty cool Ford Cmax reusable shopping bag.  Also outside to see and drive are the electric version of Mercedes Smart, The Nissan Leaf, Toyota Plug In Prius, Mitsubishi MiEV, and a new entry, the Coda all electric.

Chevrolet of course is here too with the new Volt Hybrid Electric.   Sadly absent is the fabulous styling of the 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid and PHEV and Tesla.  I am guessing with a dealer just a half a mile away, and an 18 moth waiting list, Mr. Musk and the folks at Tesla decided to skip the event.

Mercedes has the F-Cell fuel cell car here and there are booths for fleet vehicles and alternative solutions for businesses too.  Nobody is left out, and if you are considering a move away from petroleum, this is a great expo to learn about alternatives

To add to the “greenness” of the event there are also bicycles, electric bicycles and Bamboo skateboards for sale.

The expo is open today and tomorrow, stop by and drive a new electric or hybrid today.

The Chevy Volt

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