California Votes to Raise Minimum Wage

Sacramento, CA – The State Legislature approved an increase in the minimum wage, which sends the bill to Governor Brown.  If history proves correct again, more jobs will be lost and more will be homeless.

While minimum wage jobs are not meant to be “careers” nor will it ever be a livable wage in cities like San Francisco or Los Angeles, the self motivated legislature decided to buy some votes and agreed to send the increase to Governor Brown.

“At some point, I’ll have to do like McDonalds and get rid of my counter people and put in kiosks, or have people order and pay with an app like Taco Bell.  Everyone wants to make more money but no one wants to pay more.  You can’t have both.  As a business, we have two choices, raise prices or hire fewer people.  If the market won’t accept the higher prices then I am only left with one choice.” a local restaurant owner told us.

The New Order Taker?
The New Order Taker?

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