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There are  many ways to treat your home for termites and take care of Termite Damage.  Pete Eastman of BugOut Pest Control tells us about several different ways to treat the problems associated with Termites.

Beginning with Traditional Solutions:


Tenting your home is a powerful way to kill termites and other pests. Tenting is really the only way to guarantee that all termites are killed in the entire house, including wood furniture in the home.  Tenting is the strongest and most reliable solution.  If you see termites, it might already be time to tent!  Don’t delay any longer, get an inspection before the termites finish your house and start on your furniture for desert.

If you catch termites early enough, you might be able to use more convenient or environmentally friendly methods.  Tent Fumigating Procedures requires that you and all of your pets (including fish) are out of the house for at least 3 days. Our Termite Control in Irvine includes several alternatives to choose from but only if you catch the termites early.  Only after a complete inspection of your home, can BugOut Termite Control offer solutions that are guaranteed to work.

Environmentally Friendly Solutions for Termite Free Living


In 2004, BugOut Termite Control adopted a termite treatment process we call DuoFoam℠. The process also offers preventative and protective measures to control termites and protect against further termite and fungus infestations that some other solutions don’t offer. BugOut Termite Control has been very successful utilizing this process for the treatment of dry wood termites. DuoFoam℠ is very popular with both single family homes and multi-unit properties because of its success rate without the inconvenience having to move out as is the case when tenting.

Orange Oil

As with our DuoFoam℠ process BugOut Termite Control offers the use of Orange Oil to perform local treatments to the area of infestation without the inconvenience of moving out for 3 days or more.  Today more than ever people are concerned about the hazards of pesticides and Orange Oil is a more environmentally friendly solution for killing Termites.

Orange oil contains an active ingredient known as d-limonene. D-limonene is the same compound found in many common household products (such as orange oil furniture polish, orange scented fragrance products, and orange based cleaners), and is extracted from orange peels.  Orange Oil is very popular and can be used if termites are caught early.  Don’t delay, call for an inspection today at 800-983-7648.

Heat Treatment

Heat can be used to help you rid your home of a variety of pests; including termites and bed bugs. By focusing intense heat of approximately 130 degrees F, in a concentrated area for a period of time, we can treat a colony of termites or bed bugs.  Ask a professional from BugOut Termite Control if Heat Treatment is right for you.

For the best termite control Irvine has to offer and more, call BugOut Termite Control at 800-983-7648 today!

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