BlueTooth Speakers, Are They Really The Answer?

Are you thinking of BlueTooth Speakers to add sound all around your home?  There are some pretty good solutions like Sonos that allow you to add multiple speakers without wiring the place.

But is it good enough?  The team over at wasn’t sure so they set out to find out if there was a way to add speakers all around the house that wasn’t going to break the bank, run out of battery or need to have a cord going to a plug.

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While the BlueTooth speakers are getting better and providing some pretty good sound from some very small packages, there is nothing more embarrassing than a dinner party on the patio when the battery dies.  Do you grab that 100 foot extension cord and an adapter? Do you even know where your extension cord is?

Maybe there is another way with minimal wiring you can get real whole house audio distribution?

Watch this weeks episode of CoolToys here.

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