The Beach Street life is a great life, but in order to appreciate it you gotta hit the road.  Yes the Beach Street life requires a little change once in a while. Leaving the dogs and kids behind for a couple of days to explore the world is something we all need to do even when we live the beach life everyday.  Anything we find that will recharge your batteries, we’ll be sure do share. If you find something let us know!

So What Makes It a Ritz?

His reply stuck with me, he said “you should make your competition, not join a competition. We don’t gauge ourselves by any measure other than our customers. That said we do watch two words, Four and Seasons.” The statement said a lot about the company, it’s direction and it’s training. All things I needed to work on.

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SoCal – Off Beach Getaway

So here we are at noon, lazy and thirsty on the big Monterey Cannery Row style patio. My wife wandered over and grabbed a margarita while I wandered to the beer truck. Now this is Disney living. Standing at the beer truck, it was after 3 on my body clock but clearly the rest of the guests didn’t feel the same.

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