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Monday October 15th 2018


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Welcome to Beach Street News

Learning to Live the Easy Life Just Takes A Little Beach Street Style.
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Beach Street News is an e-zine dedicated to improving and preserving the quality of  life and the lifestyle along the coast in Southern California.  At Beach Street News, we believe that shoes are for work and working out.  Unless there is snow on the ground, chances are good you won’t see shoes on our feet. Flip flops are a way of life.     Even if you don’t live on the coast, you can always come visit and find some great recreation activities.  Everyone needs a little R&R.  We recognize the cost of quality living isn’t cheap, so we dig for the best of the best in our lifestyle and technology sections.  We are always looking for great contributors, so if you think you have something great to share then please join in.

Writers Wanted, Beach Street News is looking for column writers who would like to expand their reach and get free professional advice for their columns.  We are looking for people with a specific knowledge that applies to Southern California.  We will consider interns who are enrolled in a journalism program as well.  If you live in Southern California we are looking for writers in the following areas:

Business – dedicated to business and new government activities that effect Southern California and the California Coast.

No Shoes Lifestyle – dedicated to finding the best and brightest of up and coming places to find fun relaxed clothing and places to hang out.

Automotive – Yes this is Southern California and we love our cars.

Technology – We have some great technology that comes from Southern California, much of it makes life better for everyone.  Somebody has to take the lead and  in Southern California we have been doing it for years.

Beach Street News covers everything from fun cars to drive at the beach, to local events and even better technology for your home so you can lower your impact.  Come back and visit often.

Article Submission: We are always looking for writers, if you would like to publish something, send it to and include a quick bio and links back to your site, blog or store.

Press Release Submission: We scour the internet every day looking for updates and information about businesses and life in Southern California.  Submissions can be sent to  Advertorial content is subject to publication fees and is at the discretion of the editor.

Advertising: To advertise, ad links to articles or publish advertorials on Beach Street News, please e-mail or call 949-272-0611


Beach Street News is owned by the Bourquin Group.

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