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Parenting Adventures or Parenting Mistakes?

Some of the biggest parenting mistakes can become some of the best parenting adventures according to one Doctor.

Josh Snodgrass is a Medical Doctor in Long Beach California. After living a life of leisure, surfing, skateboarding and basically goofing off, he decided to go to medical school, have kids and now write a blog. Some may have seen Dr. Snodgrass on season three of CoolToys TV. He clearly fits the mold of a guy looking for “CoolToys”.

Kids And Toys

Kids, toys and beach living usually go together well, but sometimes they don’t and you get a parenting adventure that you didn’t expect. Like most parents Josh started off married, but still living a (mostly) adult life. Having a few beers with the boys, driving pick up trucks, surfing and skating regularly. Then along came his first child Lilly. He claims not much changed. Having a girl, his wife took on most of the play time, but I noticed she does have an abnormally high vocabulary when it comes to cars.

Then along came the boy, Josh Jr aka Joshy. Thats when things really changed according to Dr. Josh. They bought a minivan and started looking like a “normal boring suburban family” he said. But that wasn’t his personality. If you see him on CoolToys you will notice that he has a substantial investment in RC cars. He even tried to blow one up Back to The Future style with a 1.21 gigawatt battery.

Travel Time

Fast forward two more years and child number three arrived. Suddenly the house and minivan were too small for Dr. Josh. He sold his motorcycle and hot rod, and bought a n RV from Ultimate Toys. The thing is crazy nice for a guy with kids, so we have a pool here in the office for how long before the kids destroy it.

One of the early parenting adventures was taking three kids in a minivan to visit the grandparents in Utah in the winter. The minivan didn’t fare so well. The new RV of course is a 4×4 with a little higher ground clearance. While the blog is brand new, Dr. Josh promises to post regularly, when he isn’t breaking an ankle at the X-Games or surfing that is.

Josh Snodgrass M.D. is a director of Sports Medicine with three kids in Southern California and can be reached at

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