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New App Helps Order a Drink In Busy Places

Trying to order a drink in a busy bar can be a challenge, and there might be an answer.

We all have a mobile device with us when we go out don’t we? So why try and shout above the crowds to order a drink? The Bourquin Group has a solution that just might solve the problem and have benefits for others as well.

The pandemic changed a lot of things, but one thing that didn’t change is trying to order a drink in a noisy bar. We all love the energy of the crowds and the music or the game, but it can make ordering a drink quite the challenge.

An App To The Rescue

One day while sitting in a bar trying to order a beer over all the noise, I couldn’t help but think why aren’t there more bartenders? Ironically on one of the TV’s was a headline “Worker Productivity Hits All Time Low”. It made perfect sense, sort of.

Humans have been using automation since the advent of the industrial age to speed things up. At first it was power tools on the assembly line, and now we have robots that build cars. The number of people it takes to build a car has dropped. Henry Ford’s assembly line reduced the time to build a car from twelve hours to just 90 minutes. To bad bars can’t be that efficient.

Since bars haven’t gone self serve, It still takes one person to pour one beer and bartenders appear to be in short supply, I realized there was an app out there. If the bartender can’t hear you that means that more time is spent ordering and less time pouring. That moment created My Drink Order.

Currently available on the Apple App Store, My Drink Order lets you pick a drink and display it on a flashing mobile screen. This makes it easier for you to let them know you are ready to order, and makes it easier to let them know what you want. Simple solutions can make life better.

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