Is it a McLaran? No It’s The New Corvette!

The New Corvette Stingray for 2020 is official.

Tustin Ca –

Chevrolet has ended all speculation about the new Corvette. Well at least the part about where the engine will go. For years Chevrolet has been testing and teasing us with mockups and test cars of mid engine Corvettes. Today it is a reality.

Just up the road from the super car playground that is Newport Beach, Chevy chose an old blimp hanger to reveal the cars. Fitting in a way given that the Corvette is considered by many to be the first and only true american sports car.

The Corvette Is New Again.

Starting out in the 1950’s when the blimp hangers were still an active part of Tustin’s massive military presence, the Corvette has had its own special place in the world. Love it or hate it, the Corvette has been unique. It never took on Ferrari at LeMans, but it also has been within the reach of many hard working americans who could not even scratch together the down payment for the new Ford GT.

Corvette’s have a long history of innovation. The first ever magnetic suspension I ever drove was a Vette. This one is smart enough to use the magnets to raise itself so you don’t tear off the splitter going into your driveway. Subtle but effective way to separate from the pack. You don’t have to trailer this one to hit the track either. It has a self driving option that will get you there relaxed and ready to race.

Orange County bleeds horsepower and speed.

It is sort of fitting that Chevy’s advance on the super car world started in an old blimp hanger. Never mind the history of Astronauts driving Vettes, Orange County is home to thousands of super cars that are sitting in garages up and down California’s storied Pacific Coast Highway. Just up the road across the Orange Curtain is the Porsche Experience Center, and several world champion GT racing teams call Orange County Home.

While the entry level horsepower number of 485 doesn’t chill the spine like the 755 claimed horsepower of the 2019 ZR1, you can’t help but think the men and women behind the blue bowties in Michigan don’t have a little more up their sleeves.

The New Corvette - 2020 Stingray
The New Corvette for 2020

Looking a lot more McLaren than new Corvette, the 2020 Stingray is going to make the Corvette divide a little wider. Even so, Chevy has announced entry level stingray pricing that shames many asian SUV’s. Super Dads across middle America might be looking more at the Vette and less at the third row seats with TV screens.

The Bargain Supercar?

Corvettes have always been among the best bang for the buck when it comes to raw power and exhilaration. The New Corvette looks like it is going to carry on that tradition. The question is, will it be good enough to send a super car or two out of the garage in Newport Beach or will it stay the midlands American Hero?

Maybe someday they’ll let us have one for CoolToys® TV and will give you our thoughts. Until then it is still just a pretty car in a window.

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