Huntington Beach Airshow – More Fun Than Ever

After a lackluster US OPEN, the Pacific Airshow is pulling out all the stops for 2021.  For only the second time in US history you will be able to see the USAF Thunderbirds, the US Navy Blue Angels and the Canadian Snowbirds in the same show.  This is a rare treat.  Just in case the sun and fun in the day isn’t enough. Sammy Hagar and Sam Hunt will headline after the show shows!

Huntington Beach Airshow 2021

While Ruby’s is closed and Covid all but killed the US Open of surfing for local businesses, the former “Great Pacific Airshow” looks to be a bigger deal under it’s new name the “Pacific Airshow”.  

Being a long time Huntington Beach Resident and pilot, I am not a super fan of the crowds or wasting petroleum. But to get a show like this, I’ll put up with the rest of the world joining me at my favorite beach and hide my inner tree hugger for a few days.  

The Pacific Airshow is October 1st-3rd 2021.  Beach Street News will be there, will you?

Scott Bourquin is a retired Air Force Reserve KC-10 Instructor pilot and SoCal Native.