Hawaii Flavor for the Beach Street Life

One of the things that everyone has on the beach is a bike.  Some are fancy, some are rusty, but we all have a bike.  Mine is in the middle, clean, not rusted (yet) and just a basic 7 speed beach cruiser.  The problem is it looks like every other bike out there.

Tiki Toe On Bike
Get Your Tiki Toes...

Like most of the other people with newer bikes, I went back to the bike shop and added some cool things.  Sadly even with the cool tiki bell, black fenders and bigger tires, it still looks like a basic beach bike.

Yesterday I added a decal, a simple decal, and suddenly everyone is commenting on my bike.  I probably shouldn’t tell everyone where I got the decal, but there are so many choices, I couldn’t help but share.

A couple of years ago I was in Hawaii, and found these cool decals of Tiki’s.  I bought one and put it on my laptop.  The company was Tiki Tots.  Last year when I was moving to the beach I wanted to order more and went online and there was nothing under Tiki Tots.

As it happened a friend was going to Hawaii about that time, so I showed him my laptop and said I’ll buy as many as they have.  He scored and came back with Tiki Toes.  Sure enough there is a website with hundreds of designs.  So if you want to add a little island-beach living to your life take a visit to TikiToes.com.

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