GoPro 8 is Here, but it isn’t

On October 16th GoPro announce that it had GoPro 8 in stock

GoPro announced that the mythical machine of the GoPro 8 had finally become an inventory item. We ordered one for a very important shoot at a wave pool on the 21st in Florida. The crew flies out at 0645 Monday Morning.

The GoPro 8 website said that two day shipping was included at no charge. It also said that orders by 9 am would go out the same day. Our order confirmation is time stamped October 16th at 7:46 am. On October 17th at 9 am we received an email that it shipped. A day late by our math but still in time to hit our office by the 19th.

GoPro 8 ordered - didn't arrive.
The Vaporware GoPro 8

So here we are packing cameras and gear for the trip and noticeably absent is our new GoPro 8. The email allowed up to turn on text updates. How worthless is that? How about shipment tracking like everyone else? At 3:58 pm we called the customer support number. Closed. We tried to chat. Closed.

Go Pro really is all of the good things and all of the bad things in the new online world. No promises can be broken if you can’t call anyone that can be accountable. It is very sad.

The original plan was to also trade in our older GoPro and get a second GoPro 8. Now that we may miss some of the footage we want or have to rent another 4K action camera for the shoot in Florida we are not happy. GoPro says a “non warranty” return will incur a 5% restocking fee. Again horrible service leads to horrible service fees.

We hope that GoPro makes this right but we can’t find out until Monday because they don’t care enough to be available for customers after 3:58 on Saturdays.

If you know of something that shoots 4K in water that we can get in Orlando Florida on Monday, we will be looking, so let us know.

Editors Update, the GoPro Hero 8 arrived the following Monday and we were not able to rent a 4K in water camera for the shoot and will be going back. The CoolToys TV test of the Hero 8 is at CoolToys.TV.

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