CoolToys Gets New Jeep JL

The new Jeep JL Wrangler Unlimited is out and CoolToys already has theirs. What is CoolToys? It is the coolest toy show on the web. CoolToys goes out and finds the best toys, tests them and lets you know how they do. For The end of season two they got a 2019 Jeep JLU Wrangler Sahara.

Yes the JL actually released mid year as a 2018, but the team at CoolToys wasn’t ready to give up the 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JK they had for season and and most of season two.

Is the Jeep JL Still a “Real Jeep”?

The new JL has been upgraded and civilized. Host Scott Bourquin says it is one of the reasons that he didn’t push for the upgrade sooner. “The TV ads made it feel less like a Jeep” he says.

Jeep Jl Back Door Shelf

After the delivery and the first test drive up the Lake Tahoe, his opinion might have shifted a little bit from the grin we saw on his face. The new JL is a turbo charged i-4 which holds power in the mountains. Something every Jeeper wants.

Grand Cherokee or Wrangler

Now the the Jeep JL Wrangler Unlimited is out and has been clearly upgrade, why not just buy a Jeep Grand Cherokee and admit you want a luxury SUV? From what we have seen they are still different. The JL is still a Wrangler.

Early rumors said that Fiat was going to abandon the fold down windshield. After a lot of market pushback, they elected to keep it and make it easier to use. There are now half as many bolts to remove to lower the windshield.

Another upgrade is the extension of the rain gutter all the way to the back of the freedom top allowing a roof rack that doesn’t block the removal for the front “t-top” style panels. For us it is still the Wrangler. The director of CoolToys wife does drive a Grand Cherokee and the V-8 is a great motor and can tow a lot of camera gear.

At the other end is the little Jeep Renegade, another Jeep that has fared well with our use.

Is the Jeep JL still “trail rated”

Yes the Jeep JL is still trail rated. CoolToys has already taken the Jeep JL into four foot deep snow on some power line roads in the Reno-Tahoe area to test it out. From what we have heard the test was a success. The new JL is still a true 4WD vehicle but there is an AWD option for those who don’t want to go crawl rocks.

The interior is a little more polished, and one thing we have heard that people miss is the velcro on padding for the roll bar. The new bar is not round and had bolt on plastic pads for safety. That isn’t popular with anyone on our staff. The stitched leather dash looks great

Jeep JK and JL Grill Photo

The new stereo has been improved with the subwoofer being removed from the floor. No more sand buzzing in the sub after a day at the beach. More importantly you get a nice little storage cooler where the subwoofer used to be. Overall that results in some lost storage ability, but space we think was well used.

CoolToys is almost finished with the JK or JL episode, if you want to see it, check out CoolToys.TV


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