Counties With The Most Affordable Homes In California

Affordable homes in California, isn’t that any oxymoron?  It is true that California isn’t known for “affordable housing” by any stretch of the imagination in most of the US. What we consider “affordable here” is a price point that is “luxury” in other markets.  And yet, people live here.
The problem is the comparison isn’t quite fair.  California still has very reasonable property taxes despite the best efforts of the Governor and the Schools.  The state also has the ability to make some tough budget cuts and keep taxes at bay.
California also offers some of the best beaches, mountains, skiing, wineries and farmland in the world.  Where else can you buy a home, and in three hours go skiiing, surfing, kayaking, wine tasting, and in Southern California, you can add in world class Theme Parks.
No other place offers the unique weather and lifestyle that California has to offer.  Still don’t think you can afford to live here?  Can’t find anything you like?  Take a look at the picture from the California Association of Realtors.  Maybe there is a place you can afford to live, you just didn’t know where to look.
Of course the highly desirable areas of Orange County, Santa Barbara County, and even Los Angeles County along the coast have a very low number of homes for sale making it difficult to find the right house.  It does make it a great time for creative people to find the right location and create the right house.  If you are looking for a home along the SoCal Coast from Newport Beach to Seal Beach, give us a call at 714-594-SELL and we’ll help you find a home. If you are looking inland, we can refer you to one of our affiliated realtors to get you moving in the right direction.
Affordable California Counties Courtesy of CARGraphic Courtesy of California Association of Realtors

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