Apple Watch Fully Charged about to chime

Turn Off Apple Watch Fully Charged Bing

Does your apple watch chime every few minutes when it is fully charged?

You Are Being Notified.

After nearly two years of scouring the internet only to learn that my watch was simply telling me it was fully charged, I figured out how to shut it up! There were dozens of posts using keywords that made me think they knew what they were doing. Some must have be written by AI because they referenced the fully charged chime for the Samsung watch.

The obvious problem is that I have an Apple Watch and if you are reading this I am guessing you do too. Finally being rid of the 3 am chimes is going to be great. I did realize the Apple Watch fully charged chime only happens on my after market desk stand charger. When I use the “official” Apple charger I don’t get the chime. That I don’t get. I also don’t get the clutter of wires on my desk if I use the three cables needed for my phone, pods and watch.

Random Swiping.

Well not really. I just went through every menu there was on the Apple watch app. Of course I tried all of the other articles about the apple watch being fully charged and that led me no where. I bet you did too and your watch is still driving you nuts. Then after trying every single option I could find in the phone, it kept binging. The bottom line is that Apple wants you to buy their chargers I guess. If any update fixes it, I will post it here.

One thing that slowed down the fully charged alerts was setting the “Optimized batter charging” option on the watch to on. This is only on the watch as far as I could find. Settings > Battery – scroll down to the bottom > Battery Health – Scroll down, select on.

Written by a real human trying to solve a problem, not AI bots.

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