At Beach Street News, we love tech.  We are owned by the same company that produces KühlToys so we are always looking for gadgets to make life better.  Everything we find that can make life better at the beach or anywhere else for that matter we’ll share here. If you find something, tell us about it.  If it makes it down the hall to KühlToys, you might get a free shirt!

Are LED Lights Finally Ready?

It is sort of geeky impressive to think that three or four car batteries will keep the lights on in a normal house and a little sun or wind can keep the batteries charged. California hasn’t increased it’s water needs in 15 years and the population has more than doubled. Can California do the same with electricity over the next 15 years?

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Since the human eye can only see 1/60th of a degree of resolution, there is a limit to what we can process. The difference between 720 P. and 1080 P. is the difference between sitting at 1.57 times the screen width and 1.78 times the screen width. Sitting any closer than about twice the width of the screen increases fatigue and decreases the overall enjoyment of watching TV. For instance if you pick a 55 inch television it will be about 50 inches wide. That means you need to sit at 100 inches for normal television watching.

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