Web Show Tech-Tach-Dough Is Looking For Guests

Huntington Beach, CA –  The new web series Tech-Tach-Dough

Tech – Android Cell Watch, no Smartphone Required

is looking for guests to take about life and smart money for upcoming episodes.  The series has three parts that follow it’s name.

Technology aka Tec

The Tec segments will focus on modern technology and things happening in the news like the massive recall of the Samsung Galaxy 7.  One of the best smart phones out there, at least until the battery overheats and burns your house down or you get kicked off a flight for having one.  There is great technology out there and some might flow over to the other segments.

This doesn’t mean it is a tech show for nerds.  The focus is on real tech for real people that you can use every day.  Ever try to go swimming with your cell phone?  The zipper bag and the leash? What a hassle.  Now there are phones that are IP67 waterproof.  What does that really mean?  Not much is the answer.  So what is a water lover to do?  Live without communications?  That is no way to sneak away from work for a swim or a great run on a humid day.  We found a better tec-toy!

Tachometer aka Tac

Tac is about speed, well sort of.  Tac segments will focus on all kinds of garage based toys.  The first episode was about putting the coolest headlights possible in a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JK.  You can see that episode at TecTacDoh.com now.  It is HD video so give it a second to load.

But there is more to the garage than just cars, trucks, Jeeps and boats.  There are all kinds of cool things like waxes grip tape for surfing, or tool boxes with a hidden beer fridge and power tools for doing anything you need to do.  Tac, is about speed, power and fun.

Dough aka Doh

We decided to use “doh” on the hashtag because we have all had a “doh” moment or two when it comes to money.  While our host Scott Bourquin has never lost money in real estate, in fact he has done well over seven figures on the plus side over the years.  Ironically,  he is a horrible day trader when it comes to the stock market.   Rumor is that his wife has banned him from buying any stocks for less than a year.  Clearly Scott understands the $ dough and the Homer Simpson  “doh” when it comes to money.

The goal of the “doh” segments is to break down the worlds financial markets into terms you can understand and techniques you can use every day.  Host Scott Bourquin still believes we live in the land of opportunity, and no one came here to get “a good job” or “rent an apartment”.  We all want the dream and tectacdoh wants to help keep it alive for you.

Many episodes may combine two or even all three segments.  If the show continues to grow, the producers say they are ready to run it to a full thirty minutes with a segment for Tec, Tac and Doh in every episode.

Editors Note: in 2016 after a long legal battle, TecTachDoh is now CoolToys.TV  The money part is now the small business minute

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